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January 29th, 2003 - Angel Woodings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Angel Woodings

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January 29th, 2003

The Nightmare is Over! :-))) [Jan. 29th, 2003|01:58 pm]
Angel Woodings
So Spherion (Dell's temp agency) had their end-of-quarter lay-offs last night. There were too many temps in Matt's quad, so he got axed. Since he could build more computers than me and I have seasonal temp work with the IRS beginning on Monday, we asked our two managers to switch us-- to keep Matt and to lay me off. During the three hours it took them to arrange that, Matt came to the overwhelming realization that he didn't want to work at Dell ever again in his entire life, that the thought of working one more day in that awful place would bring him to tears. So we told the managers "No, thank you." They were very sweet and switched us, but we declined in the end because the Dell Human Meat Factory is too terrible.

We finished out the shift for a few reasons: 1) our managers were very sweet to do everything they had to do to switch us, so we stayed to help them make their numbers; 2) to leave on good terms in case we do ever have to return there; and 3) that's just the kind of people we are.

The day is beautiful. The birds are singing. The wind is pleasant. We're so happy.

And Matt fixed my computer last night and the processor seems to be okay. I didn't fry it, which I thought for sure I had.

Ah, happiness.
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