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January 27th, 2003 - Angel Woodings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Angel Woodings

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January 27th, 2003

Hatred [Jan. 27th, 2003|02:29 am]
Angel Woodings
Never have I hated a place as violently and as completely as I hate Dell. We are disposable and worthless to them, and they treat as such. Austin is in such an economic slump that there are hundreds of people lined up to take any job they can at Dell-- to earn any kind of income. So if you do get a job as a temp in the Dell Manufacturing Plant, they work you to death, give you no benefits, treat you horribly, tell you to be happy that you at least have a job, and remind you that if you don't do exactly as they say, there are 40 people waiting to take your job.

And you do it... you do it because you have to. There are no jobs in Austin. So you get thrown into the Dell Human Meat Factory, do hard labor for 70 hours per week, and cry when you get home because you are helpless.

We worked 66 hours this week. And we are scheduled to work 11 hours on both Monday and Tuesday as well. This is without a weekend break.

.... and there's nothing we can do about it.

It's awful.

I hate Dell.
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